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Australian Rotary Health
Australian Rotary Health is a multi-district project for Rotary in Australia, with over 1,150 Rotary Clubs and 38,000 Rotarians supporting it. Australian Rotary Health has channelled more than $24 million in Australian research projects over its 29-year history. Australian Rotary Health’s emphasis has been on community health. Australian Rotary Health has previously invested in research projects looking at Cot Death, Adolescent Health, Family Health as well as the Ross River Virus, Malaria, Bowel Cancer screening, First Aid and Emergency Care Research. Australian Rotary Health’s Funding Partners Program has invested in over $1 million in the best and brightest minds in fields as diverse as Motor Neuron Disease, Child Wellbeing, Suicide, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and most of the Cancers.

The Neville and Jeanne York PhD Scholarship
• The Neville and Jeanne York PhD Scholarship is offered to a PhD applicant – anywhere in Australia – investigating Motor Neuron Disease. The applicants must be beginning their first year of the Scholarship.
• The Scholarship honours the late Neville and Jeanne York and recognises the meritorious support for Australian Rotary Health over many years.
• The successful applicants will formally report to Australian Rotary Health but will also be expected to regularly meet with the York Family and give reports on their research.

Eligibility Requirement:
• Applicants must be an Australian Citizen of have Permanent Resident Status and not be under bond to any foreign government. Applicants are to provide where appropriate, evidence of residential status.

Applications will be evaluated on the following:
Academic Record.
Quality of the Proposed Research.
Suitability of the Intended Supervisors and Institution.
Suitability of the Applicant for Research Training.
Relevance to Community-Based Interventions.

Instructions for Applicants:
• Applications must be relevant to any field of Motor Neuron Disease research.
• It is intended that Australian Rotary Health Research Companion Neville & Jeanne York PhD Scholarship will provide salary and incidental support for a postgraduate student who is undertaking full time research in an area relevant to Motor Neuron Disease research.
• The annual value is $25,000. The award will be made for one year in the first instance but can be extended for a maximum of three and a half years (total) upon receipt of satisfactory annual progress reports.
• Payments are restricted by Income Tax authorities to entities endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under subdivision 30-Ba of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
• To qualify, projects must be undertaken within a university, public hospital, research institute or other body approved under Section 78 of the Income Assessment Act.
• Only applicants about to commence, or already those engaged in their first year of a PhD are eligible to apply for the Scholarship.

Scholarship Conditions:
• Applicants must be FULL-TIME students and not be receiving an additional scholarship. Additional salaried work must not exceed NHMRC guidelines. Applicants enrolled in a combined degree are not eligible.

How to Apply:
Failure to follow these instructions concerning the application form could prejudice the success of your application.
• The application should be complete in itself. Do not assume that the person reading it will have access to any of your previous applications.
• It is in your interest to be precise and concise in your application. Do not add annexes or other documents to this application except those requested.
• The minimum size typeface to be used is 12pt.
• Do not change page divisions.
• Important references to other publications in the field should be quoted so the assessors can relate the importance of the application to the field in general.
• Applicants and supervisors should list their own publications over the past five years. Quote only those references that have been accepted or have been published in refereed journals.
• The original plus five copies of (i) the typed application, (ii) academic transcript and (iii) curriculum vitae should be sent by mail (DO NOT send your application by fax or e-mail) to Australian Rotary Health, through the Administrative Officer of your Institution. Late applications will not be considered.
• Attach official academic transcripts and an institutional key to grading system used at the end of the application.
• The scholarship applicant must arrange for THREE referees reports to be sent DIRECTLY to Australian Rotary Health by the due date of the application. These may be submitted electronically.
• All correspondence and enquiries should be addressed to:
Australian Rotary Health: PO Box 3455, Parramatta, NSW, 2124

WILL CLOSE ON FRIDAY 3rd December 2010

Forward the original plus 5 copies by post to
Australian Rotary Health
PO Box 3455, Parramatta, NSW, 2124

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