Europe:European Doctorate in Law and Economics

EDLE presents a combination of course work and research. The curriculum is devised to provide advanced and challenging education both to lawyers and economist. Candidates will be able to choose between basic and advanced courses depending on their educational background.

In the first year, from October to April, candidates stay in Bologna. Candidates with a legal background will be offered the possibility to attend introductory courses in Maths, Game theory, and Statistics. Candidates with a background in economics will be offered the possibility to attend advanced courses in Microeconomics, Econometrics, and Financial Economics. All candidates must take a course either in Statistics or Econometrics, and dedicated courses in:

1. Introduction to the Italian legal system,
2. European securities and company law,
3. Economics of European competition law and IPRs,
4. Game theory and the law,
5. Modelling European private law.
6. Experimental and behavioural law and economics.

Candidates also attend law and economics seminars held by international scholars.

Scholarship Application Deadline:10 January 2011

Further Scholarship Information an Application

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