Japan:The Hitachi Scholarship Program for Postgraduate Study

The Hitachi Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for Southeast Asian universities to send faculty members, who wish to continue teaching and research at their universities after graduation, to Japan as part of their human development programs. Recipients of this award are invited to attend Japanese public and private graduate schools that have close relationships with Southeast Asian universities. The Scholarship provides financial support and personal assistance and consultation.


Eligibility for the program is limited to faculty members up to the age of 30 for masters degree candidates or 35 for Ph. D. degree candidates in the fields of scince and technology and each applicant must be recommended by a senior staff at their home university as a potential candidate for international reasearch collaboration after graduation.
* Be faculty members of one of the eligible universities stated below.
* Have been nominated by their university’s presidential office, with the approval and recommendation of the faculty and the department.
* Have received a specific and confirmed invitation from a professor at a Japanese university, who will act as the host professor to collaborate with and/or advise the applicant until graduation or the completion of the program.

Application Deadline: 31 October 2011

Read More:http://www.hitachi-zaidan.org/global/scholarship/activities/active05.html

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