Belgium:PhD Position in Scientific Computing at K.U.Leuven

Applications are invited for a PhD position in the Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics

division of the Computer Science Department at K.U.Leuven in Belgium.

The project involves the numerical simulation of wave scattering and propagation problems using boundary element methods, with an emphasis on high frequencies and with applications in acoustics and electromagnetics. The goal is to drastically reduce the necessary degrees of freedom by studying and incorporating the asymptotic behaviour of the solution. The required asymptotic analysis has already been carried out for a great variety of problems in the last couple of decades, yet this knowledge has not been exploited to its full extent. The challenge of the project is to bring existing ingredients together, thereby turning mathematics into applications.

A slightly longer description of the project can be found on the website of the Arenberg Doctoral School.

Feel free to contact daan.huybrechs[ at ] for more details and specifics.

Please apply using the above link.

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