UK:Colt Foundation Fellowships in Occupational/Environmental Health 2011

The Colt Foundation is particularly interested in high quality research projects in the field of occupational and environmental health, particularly those aimed at discovering the causeof illneises arising from conditions at the place of work. The Foundation also makes grants each year to PhD students whose subject is relevant to this field of medicine. The grant is normally for three years, and the stipend rate for the first year is f’12,000 (t 1 3 ,000 inside London), rising with inflation for the following two years. Fees will be paid as incurred. Further details can be obtained from Jackie Douglas at the address shown. The grant does not attract tax. In recent years grants have been made in respect of:

• The role of microRNAs in occupational allergic contact dermatitis
• Human health, climate change and the bio-energy industry
• Analyses on the association of asthma with occupational exposure using data from the ‘ British 1958 Rirth Cohort
• The effects of intermittent or prolonged exposure to environmentally relevant UV
radiation in mammalian cells
• Geographical information systems and statistics in environmental health: Asthma prescribing and air pollution in space and time
• Development and validation of a diagnostic tool for occupational asthma based on
serial lung function measurements
• An investigation into the potential toxicologtcalhazard of nanotubes on the lungs
• The positive work environment and its effect on employee health
• A molecular approach to understanding the mechanism(s) of silica-induced lung
• Air pollution and children’s health

Applications are now invited from prospective students who are qualified in science or
medicine and should include an outiine of the proposed research, a CV, a strong letter of
support from the proposed supervisor, and the contact details of two referees’ The
application must te iubmitted by the student personally.

Application deadline: 18th October 2010


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